Junior Results Forms

For the 2017 Season the HOME club must EMAIL the result of All League Matches

to results@westmorlandcricketleague.co.uk

We require the following information via Email

Email Subject Line Age Group – Home Team v Away Team

THE DATE the match was played

Home Team

Away Team


The Scores (with wicket) for both Teams

Name of Winning Team

Home Team Performances

Away Team Performances – as follows

Under 19…scores over 35 and 3 + wickets for bowlers

Under 16…scores over 30 and 3 + wickets for bowlers

Under 13…scores over 25 and 3 + wickets for bowlers

Under 11…Net partnerships of 25 or more and 3 + wickets for bowlers

We can no longer accommodate the OLD Results Forms and can not accept TEXTED RESULTS for League Games.